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We at ProSites appreciate the opportunity to design your practice’s new website. In working with you, we have seen your genuine dedication to educating and serving patients while providing high-quality care. We salute your efforts in providing an extra level of communication, education and service that is so important to patients.

Dave Rutan

Dr. Edwards is a lifesaver! Well, toothsaver is more like it. I chipped one of my teeth during the holidays and was worried everywhere was closed to be closed. Fortunately I was able to get in. Couldn't be happier! Thanks Dr. Edwards and staff for the huge rescue, I was in good hands that day!

Michelle K

Dr. Edwards is cool and a great dentist.

Jason C.

I've been coming to Dr. Edwards for over 10 years now. I consistently get the highest quality dental care and service (hence why I keep coming back). He is truly the most professional dentist I have ever been to. :-)

Brandy B.

My visit with Dr. Edwards was AMAZING...I am terrified of dentists, but, since I want to keep my teeth in my mouth where they belong, I have to go at least twice a year. The staff was very polite and very understanding of my fear and really helped to put me at ease. I had no cavities or any other problems and was excited about that and the fact that no one was seeking any extra cash from me for stuff I didn't need. Everyone was beyond patient and extremely gentle. I would highly recommend this dental group to any of my friends if they are down in the area visiting with friends or family as I was.

Charlene E.

Nice service and they didn't up sell me. Dr. Edwards has a great way about teaching and correcting habits. I know dentists since my aunt has been one for 40 years in Chicago, so I can tell when you are being played. This office is worth going to. The dental business is tough to rate because there are so many unknowns but I would recommend. I have not been paid or given special treatment because of this review.

Chuck D.

I cannot tell you how amazing this place is! I was having a rough time as I needed some expensive dental work done but did not have insurance. They were one of the only places that offered their own financing solution, and helped me to get the work done without making it financially impossible. And Dr. Edwards and his staff were super nice, one of the only dentists I've dealt with that was gentle and made sure the shots didn't hurt (or hurt as little as possible!). For the first time I'm not scared to go back to the dentist, so that should give you an idea of how great this place is!

Lauren V.

My first time coming , had not been to a dentist in years. Dr. Steven Edwards is my hero. What a great man. What a great dentist. He was able to work with me, as I to what I could afford at this time. WIthin days I had an abscess tooth pulled and received a dental plate that saved my smile. Thank God for this dental offfice. They were all so nice to me. Great Job !! Great people !! Very happy with this group!!

Diane M.

The environment of the office is very warm, and I always feel so sheik when walking in and hearing a warm welcome from the front desk. I never have to wait long treatment, and I feel no pain whatsoever when going through a cavity process or having a filling. Dr. Edwards is also a very likable dentist, and he will surely make you laugh.
Bathrooms? Very clean and um... nice.
Dentist Chairs? Plush and relaxing.
Here are my ratings.
Service 4.5/5
Cleanliness 5/5
Dental Equipment 4/5
Waiting Room 4.5/5
Office Appearance 4/5
Overall 4.5/5
As a senior of SaddleBack College, I know lots of friends that don't have their dentist yet, so who do I recommend? Dr. Edwards.

Sam H.

I went in for my exam and cleaning, loved the staff and doctors, had a cavity that was filled, no problems.
I had to go in last week for a broken tooth, they were able to fit me in right away and Dr Edwards and Dr Cooper were both very gentle and thorough in explaining that I needed a crown, no more corn nuts for me!.
You have to try for yourself.

Daniel W.

Dr. Edwards did a "deep cleaning" himself. I know my gums are receding and measured 5's and 6's so I knew I needed more than my usual 4 mo. cleaning. Another dentist elsewhere recommended six veneers on my front teeth as they have been uneven ever since my last dentist filed one down (long story)! But Dr. Edwards said four veneers would be fine. I am very happy with the way they look and wish I had done it a few years ago. The four veneers do look great. Thank you Dr. Edwards and his assistant for all the attention you both gave to making sure I was fully satisfied.

Shirley S.

Steve Edwards is an absolutely excellent and clearly caring dentist.

John B.

Steven j. Edward's carefully took x rays of my teeth after each tooth was root cannaled prior to crown .Thank-you dentist Edward's for being talkative in a friendly way during the appointment and updating me each time a portion of the crown became completed

Bradley R.

Dr. Edwards is truly kind professional and has a wonderful sense of humor.
He explained things in detail and patient.

Skye C.